Heavy & Light

Concrete Residential

The design for this home emerged through the owners’ interest in tropical living with a contemporary aesthetic. The new volumes are strategically set within the existing form of the building, linked by a first floor balcony with planting. The living space is a double height Pavilion with clerestory glazing to three sides, with generous awnings to protect openings and provide light shelves which illuminate the ceiling.

Warm & Cool

No Limitations

Materially, the house reflects our interest in craft and detail. Paying close attention to local historic building practices and approaches to material have generated a language which both revives and reinterprets the vernacular. In addition, the construction meets passive house principles – with an insulated concrete formwork system creating a thermal envelope, limited openings on the south-facing façade, triple glazed window units and a heat recovery ventilation system to maintain air quality year-round.